The Grand hall of the State Kremlin Palace was provided with modern Meyer Sound acoustic systems. The Grand hall’s electro-acoustic system contains as follows: 

•left and right line arrays consisting of the up-to-date LEO-M and MICA acoustic systems;

•left and right subwoofer line arrays consisting of 1100-LFC low-frequency loudspeakers;

•central line array of MICA loudspeakers, stalls and both balconies oriented;

•stage monitoring system;

•front loudspeakers system to provide the parquet sound.

Frequency response is 28-20000 Hz. Maximum sound pressure is 140 dB. The total power of the Grand hall acoustics is about 230 kW.

The Grand hall signal distribution is provided by means of Galileo AES and Galileo Callisto digital acoustics controllers. These controllers also help to conduct sound-checks in the hall.

Left line array

Meyer Sound LEO-M

Meyer Sound MICA

Right line array

Meyer Sound LEO-M

Meyer Sound MICA

Left subwoofer line array

Meyer Sound 1100-LFC

Right subwoofer line array 

Meyer Sound 1100-LFC

Central line array

Meyer Sound MICA

Under-balcony acoustic system

Meyer Sound M'elodie

Ceiling stage monitors

Meyer Sound UPQ-2P

Meyer Sound UPJ-1P

Front acoustic system

Meyer Sound M'elodie

The new Meyer Sound D-Mitri system allows to use up to 144 independent channels with frequency and dynamics treatment and to reproduce the sound in almost any multichannel format. Moreover, there is an option of multichannel recording and stage effects making to be used for stage directions or show programs.

Thanks to D-Mitri system, an audio engineer is provided with an opportunity to pan a sound to any spot of the hall both manually and automatically.

High indices of speech intelligibility and music clarity are achieved by a large number of loudspeakers covering the whole audience space.

The SKP main stage acoustic system includes as follows:

•Left and right portals with total power of 144 kW

•Central channel of 72 kW

•Front fill of 16 kW

The acoustic system total power is 232 kW